Bracket shmacket

March Madness: The NCAA TournamentMarch has gone mad. It’s that season…the one that every college basketball fan waits for. The only reason we get up some mornings.

The NCAA tournament.

It’s March Madness.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a die hard Tar Heel fan. It began at a young age…being raised in North Carolina, one must choose early on. You’re either a Tar Heel or you’re a Blue Devil. And every now and then you meet someone who just doesn’t have a clue…and we call those folks “Wolfpack fans.”

Anyway, every year, practically from birth, North Carolinians get riled up in March and the fierce competition comes to head. Luckily for me…I am on the right team and I often find myself pointing and laughing at Dook fans. Bless them. They just don’t know any better.

Have you filled out your bracket yet? To be honest…the whole thing is a waste of time. Just write “UNC” in the center square and the rest is really irrelevant. You’ll see.

With all the time you’ll save from this abridged way of filling out your brackets, check out the March Madness topic on WikiAnswers. Ask and answer all your NCAA tourney questions there!

What kinds of things are people wondering about?

Obviously, that last one will have to be updated next month when the Heels bring it home again!

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