Did you hear about…

I admit it. I’m obsessed with celebrity gossip. I read The Superficial every morning before I start my day and am constantly checking the headlines throughout the day to see what kind of coffee Britney Spears has ordered today or who Paris Hilton is dating. I want to know what countries Brad and Angelina are adopting from next and I have to be the first to know when Beyonce finally ties the knot with Jay-Z. Yes…I do.

I thought I’d take a quick look at the WikiAnswers Celebrity topic…just to see what everyone else is buzzing about. A little bit of Hannah Montana, er, Miley Cyrus…some Hillary Duff…a dash of Zac Efron. It’s amazing to see the rumors that fly around. Good thing there’s a public forum to discuss and dispel!

Check out some of these classic Celebrity gossip questions:

Got some inside scoop on YOUR favorite celebs? Ask and answer questions about Celebrities on WikiAnswers now!

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