Lots of curious people on the internet these days.

Last week brought on plenty of questions. Isn’t it amazing how there are always people asking questions, all the time, no matter how weird the questions seem?

Like, for instance, Neatorama asking if it’s possible to lick your own elbow. Well, one might need to know that, right? I wouldn’t want to go my whole life trying only to find out at the very end that I can’t.

On the other hand, there are questions that are indisputable in their importance for the sake of a solid education, like the dates of World War I, as Barbara’s Blog shares.

Then you have the timely questions that find their place throughout the year and crop up when they become relevant, as The 500 Inc welcomes St. Patrick’s Day with wondering what ‘erin go braugh’ means (turns out, we’re not even spelling it right!).

I’ll leave off with one more question- first asked here – which is very much related to today’s post and the goal of WikiAnswers in general: What does ‘questio verum’ mean? Forgetting your Latin? Better click to remember.

Your comments are welcome!

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