If zombies were to attack where is the safest place to hide?

In this day and age, there are a lot of things to worry about: Did I leave the oven on? Am I going to drive off a bridge today? Is my house tornado-proof?

Now, I do think it’s important not to get too worked up about the things in life that can go wrong; after all, there are lots of ’em and we just can’t control them all. A general preparedness, though, is what’s in order.

One worry that, frankly, I think gets overlooked, is zombies. They’re out there, they’re milling around, just waiting. Waiting. You know what happens after something is done waiting, right? It attacks.

So in the spirit of preparedness on this lovely, sunny WikiAnswers Wednesday, here is today’s question:

If zombies were to attack where is the safest place to hide?

I’m really relieved to see that some WikiAnswers contributors share my belief in preparedness because there have been quite a few suggestions offered as to what the safest place to hide is:

  • Some form of armored vehicle.
  • A large boat or ship would be perfect.
  • A house with double glazing would be fine though, as long as the doors weren’t wooden and single-layered.
  • A castle would be nice, as long as it isn’t Westminster Abbey.

Excellent suggestions, really. But the thing about preparedness is that you have to look at all the angles. Like, after reading those suggestions, did you think to yourself: What if the zombies themselves wrote them? What if it’s a trap? What if there is no safe place to hide? What if it’s about fighting back? What is your strategy? What if you’re a zombie?

8 thoughts on “If zombies were to attack where is the safest place to hide?”

  1. I think an old castle in the english countryside would be good as they are designed for defense. big heavy doors lots of storage room for food and ammo you would need a generator and rig up some kind of alarm system and CCTV motion sensors with it you would need an ecsape route and transport nearby for the worst case senario I would keep some kind of fast car nearby outside with a lot of food inside for a quick escape inside the castle I’d have a log fire try and use that for heating cooking and light as getting petrol for the genarator would be dangerous for entertainment I’d have books and some musical instruments to learn outside rig up some explosives kind of I am ledgend style I’d have a snipers nest on the roof where all the explosives control panel would be that would also control some booby traps electric fence flame throwers ect obviously that would all take time to get this would be the final product after years of hiding there and adapting it to your needs


  2. well i dont think anywhere would be the best place to hide, run or camp out. EVERYWHERE is dangerous! lol. but if i really had to pick on what to do and where to go? i would have to make afew pit stops before getting to my resting point. its a must to be armed so a police station, gun shops or even dicks sporting goods would be good. while im there supplies are needed. then ill live my remaining days fishing and making a echo system at Alcatraz Prison bay……. think about it all……


  3. isnt, staying inside the top floor of a really tall building the safest if the person made sure there was no zombies inside and bored up the place and having plenty of food and water with ammo, and other survivors, safe besides the mall?


  4. Walmart Superstore is the best place to hide , you only have to secure the front main entrance and then just wait for the first freeze of winter and chop up all of the zombies outside


  5. OMG. A dream beckoned this. Any ways what would you even think to go to Walmart for?No time save money for gas and as far as waiting it out-The zombies are not gonna die ya know?You will if you dont have enough food to be prepared to last you forever. At first i thought ship but you stil have to come back for supplies and food and storms could suck. That could potentially not be could. And then an armory-My first part of my dream was about this didnt work and it leaked one then multiplied or died. And the castle thing even people in history who had never fought zombies said “We’re surrounded!!” running is the only thing to do especially but hiding will never work.And you know sewage would back up so we would have to use the restroom outside and that would lead to us like a dog on a trail.Think bout the whole picture!!




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