Spring cleaning for your WikiAnswers Bio Page.

I can feel the seasons changing as spring peeks through the wintry clouds. And with spring comes new beginnings. Like makeovers. Or some kind of shopping spree. At the very least, switching your wardrobe to warm-weather clothes… or else it’s just time for some spring cleaning.

Start the spring ritual with your WikiAnswers Bio Page, which has been renovated with a classy-yet-fun look. It’s like a makeover/spree/spring cleaning for your own WikiAnswers real estate.

When you create a user name, you get a customizable Bio Page to publicize your experience, expertise and of course, your blog or website. Fill your Bio Page with background information, fun facts about yourself and links to your favorite sites. Every time you answer a question, your user name is linked in the question history.

Sign in to WikiAnswers and click My Bio Page on the left side menu. You can edit your page by taking advantage of the new display options available (including Professions and Hobbies), add photos and change the color scheme of your page.

Your comments are welcome!

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