Answers in the (cyber) news.

You know what I love finding on a Sunday afternoon? Cyber journalists and bloggers referring to when they are looking for information for their articles. Doesn’t matter what the subject – sports, celebrities, politics – I love it all.

Here are some of the latest – in fact, they cover sports, celebrities and politics!

  • At, Jim Moore learns a new word – internecine – from While he now gets the meaning, he has yet to figure out how to pronounce it (hint: use the pronunciation tool at the top of the page!)
  • The Gaston Gazette celebrates the works of John T. Biggers with an article about the world-renown artist; credit for facts about his life go to you-know-who.
  • OpedNews researches the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act as part of their article on government snooping.

Your comments are welcome!

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