What I would do as AnswerThon champion…

orange dudeAs someone whose bread is paid for by the hamsters who churn the gears at Answers Corp, I cannot officially participate in the upcoming AnswerThon.

My colleagues and I have been daydreaming about what we’d do with the winnings if we could officially participate (because obviously we would; we are that awesome). I thought I’d share what some of us would do with a $500 Amazon gift certificate… in case you need ideas:

Crystal, Supervisor of AnswerThon Superness

We can’t enter? Are you serious!?!? Who came up with these rules? I demand to speak to management. I’ve been studying for the past weeks in preparation. What a bummer, dude. What a waste of 9,562 hours of intense research to answer questions like, “Is there a deodorant that smells like new computers?” and “What is so gross about the national product?”

And I had such big plans for my winnings. There goes that new paperweight, calendar, mouse pad, and book.

Hey, wait! There’s always next year, right? Duh! Should of thought of that before I complained! I’ll get started on those ANSWERS now… 100,000 here we come! 😉

Jay, Director of Telling People About the AnswerThon

I’d have to go with this. I mean, it’d pay for itself in weeks… months… years… You see, I have no idea because I don’t know how often people carelessly toss valuable silver, coins or other metal objects right into the kitchen trash. That would leave me with $100, with which, of course, I’d grab a ‘Pata Negra’ Restaurant Grade Paella Pan -60cm With Free Gifts! Because hey — one morning you’re answering questions, eating, well, not paella. And then, BOOM. Paella. And I love mysterious free gifts. It says that it’s not dishwasher safe; I hope the free gift is a good-natured, well-muscled guy to wash it for me.

Pnina, Coordinator of Wiki Wossibilities Amazon Kindle

I’d definitely get a Kindle. Not that I believe books of cloth and paper are dead – but I HAVE to try it out. And since I already read my newspapers online, maybe it’s time to make the jump to books as well.

Danny, Manager of Making It All Happen

$500 on Amazon? I’d buy my kids all the Math Tricks books I could find!

Shara, Facilitator of Facilitations in the Facilities

Because of my obsession, I would totally buy Stomp the Yard (widescreen, full screen AND Blu-ray, baby) and all the paraphernalia that goes with it — posters, booklets, soundtrack, whatever.

And with the left over money, I’d probably buy a copy for all my friends!

Oh… and since I don’t have a Blu-ray player, I’d get one of those too.

Jim, Purveyor of Wit and Wisdom

It’s quite obvious when you consider the potential: seventy-three copies of Paris Hilton’s book, Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose.

I’d also get the Havahart Live Animal Door Cage Trap for Mice and Chipmunks and 1500 live ladybugs

Because everyone needs ladybugs in their life.

6 thoughts on “What I would do as AnswerThon champion…”

  1. the moment u reply to a question and u forward it, if the next person takes away and adds and sends it follows yours so no fears


  2. Hey Alceysia – good point… Usernames are documented in the history of the answer. If someone is cheating, the judges will know – and they’ll also know who really answered.


  3. I was concerned about the AnswerThon. What can you do if you answer a question, and then someone comes after you, erases your answer and then retypes your answer with a few extra words added to it. Then they get credit for the answer and you get nothing?


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