Heeere’s Johnny.

Senator John McCain PortraitI’ve been noticing in the last week that WikiAnswers is being consulted a lot for questions about Republican presidential front runner Senator John McCain.

Not to get into politics, but I can see why: He’s such a cutie. Don’t you want to just hug him and ask him to tell you a story?

Ok, maybe that’s not why. Maybe it’s because there are loads of questions about him in WikiAnswers.

Lately, I’ve come across quite a few John McCain-WikiAnswers mentions, including this blog post from The Washington Post, which researches the heights of the Republican candidates. WikiAnswers was asked How tall is John McCain? Interesting that WikiAnswers, along with many other reputable sites, lists him as 5’7” while his campaign folks are saying he is 5’9”. Maybe he’s just standing tall – super extra tall – for change.

Then there is Buzzflash.com, which wonders how far we should go into knowing about presidential candidates’ families (and finds out a bit about McCain’s on Answers.com).

Well, it’s important to educate ourselves before we vote… Here are a couple of John McCain appetizers:

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