How do you design a masculine Valentine’s Day box?

Tomorrow is what? Valentine’s Day? Isn’t the whole ‘love’ thing an outdated concept from the 19th century, i.e., Jane Austen novels?

Alright, alright, I suppose this week’s WikiAnswers Wednesday question ought to answer something related to the most hated love day of the year. And I suppose of all people, Jim ought to answer it.

How do you design a masculine Valentine’s Day box?

When someone you love goes for a month it’s not easy to deal with. Your head is full of thoughts and emotions. Will she come back from New York? Will she and Ralph get married while she’s there?

I recently underwent a similar situation when a dear friend of mine stabbed me in the heart with an ice pick. At least that’s what it felt like when this friend went to New York and stayed with her former flame, coincidentally named Ralph.

At first I think I was in shock and I didn’t think about it too much. However, after a few days I noticed a few physical changes. I formed huge welts on my back, although those could have been related to the paintballs shot into my back at a close distance.

Still, the paintballs could not explain the blue pigmentation I noticed in my skin. Nor could it explain the massive kidney failure I experienced last week. However, my decades-long high sugar diet and not having drunk any water last week might have resulted in the kidney complications.

In short, if a lover friend does to you what I described above, odds are they are not your lover friend. In fact they are most likely a two-timing backstabber who only wants to suck your blood, in the case your friend has vampiric tendencies. My advice to you, my wikicommunity friends, is to close yourself off from the world, and eat lots of cookies. Cookies always make you feel better.

Finally to answer the question posed above… not sure you can. ‘Masculine’ and ‘Valentine’s’ are not complete opposites, but they don’t go together like PB and J, either.


One thought on “How do you design a masculine Valentine’s Day box?”

  1. A better question might be, why is valentine’s day/love gendered female (apparent from the fact that a valentines day box is “feminine”). Yeah, right, women are all concerned about commitment and babies, and all men care about is sexy stuff. psssh.


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