Nothing says “I love you” like…

Nothing says “I love you” like…Whoa! It’s already mid-February!? That means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For singles, Valentine’s Day is just an annoying Hallmark holiday that makes us feel like crap. But for you cute lovebirds out there, it’s a day to celebrate the love between you and your Valentine.

Hmmm…maybe us single folk could just focus on celebrating all the OTHER love in our lives! Like our love of chocolate, for example. The day AFTER Valentine’s Day is, after all, an excellent time to buy great chocolate on sale! All those truffles the couples spend a fortune on will suddenly be half price for the rest of us!

What about you? Have you found the perfect gift for your Valentine? How will you be saying “I love you” this year? With flowers? Candy? A car?

Join in the WikiAnswers love fest… ask and answer questions about Valentine’s Day gift giving now! Share that love!

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