WAmmy Awards 2007: The only awards that matter!

WAmmy Awards 2007

Last week, Crystal announced the 1st Annual WAmmy Awards winners here on no.stupid.answers. In this season of constant awards shows, I thought I’d take a step back and explain why we at WikiAnswers wanted to show our appreciation through an online awards ceremony of our very own.

First of all, the WAmmys concept was developed by no other than Brave3, one of our most involved Supervisors. The idea was to share our appreciation so that everyone on and off WikiAnswers can see and understand all the hard work our dedicated group of Supervisors do throughout the year.WAmmy badge

This is not your ordinary awards show, either; we’re not bogged down by writers’ strikes or heavy ball gowns. Instead, our winners wear their user names with pride as well as their own award badges.

In addition, winners got to leave their ‘acceptance speeches’ on the awards page – without having to worry about time running out!

It was a fun process to get these awards up and running, and, of course, you can see all the winners here.

Click on the names of the winners to see their bio pages and award ribbons.

Meanwhile, start racking up the answers for next year. Congratulations, all!

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