Getting Your Question Answered on WikiAnswers

Folks often wonder how long it will take to get their question answered once posted on WikiAnswers. Truth be told, it varies considerably. Your question might receive an answer immediately – within hours or minutes – or it could take awhile. It all depends on how hard your question is to answer and who out there is generous enough to tackle it. But there are some simple steps that you can take to improve the timeliness of receiving an answer.

  1. Make sure your question is clear and legible. Folks can’t and won’t answer your question if they don’t understand it. Before submitting it, double check for accuracy. It should be a complete sentence, not a fragment. For example, ask “How do you change a tire on a Jeep Liberty?” and not “Change Jeep tire?” Also avoid complex questions with many parts. Asking “How do you change the left front tire if it went flat on Route 66 in the rain and you’ve never done it before but want to learn please thank you?” may not generate a quick response.
  2. Place your question in the appropriate category. Proper placement gets your question in front of the people most likely to answer it. So if you’re asking about something related to an indoor palm tree chances are that placing it in Houseplants will generate an answer ten times faster than placing it under Coin Collecting.
  3. Ask a Supervisor to feature your question on WikiAnswers and home pages. They are happy to do so and will often follow-up with you to make sure that you are satisfied with the answer received.

Out of courtesy, try to make sure that your question is specific enough to answer, yet general enough to be applicable to other people with similar questions.

Your comments are welcome!

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