1st Annual WAmmy Award Winners

The votes are in and the final counts have been tallied. Drum roll, please. Announcing the Winners of WikiAnswers 1st Annual WAmmy Awards!

Answer of the Year

Winner – Joe Hepperle: “How do you know when a man is serious about you?”
Honorable Mention – QuirkyQuantumMechanic: “Can a car engine be used for a helicopter?”
Honorable Mention – Schnazola: “If a player kicks a soccer ball in a high arc toward the opponent’s goal will the velocity and acceleration of the ball be zero at the highest point in its trajectory?”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner – Chris (the founder of WikiAnswers
Honorable Mention – Neila222
Honorable Mention – Marcy

Funniest Question

Winner – Buxtonp: “When Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died did he start to decompose?”
Honorable Mention – (Anonymous): “What color are smurfs when you choke them?”
Honorable Mention – (Anonymous): “When sign makers go on strike is anything written on their signs?”

Best Contributor in a Supporting Role

Winner – Deb
Honorable Mention – Ksmail
Honorable Mention – Brave3

Rising Star / Best Contributions by a New Supervisor

Winner – LauraFrog
Honorable Mention – EvilTechie
Honorable Mention – HisPowr4u

Funniest Answer

Winner – Schnazola: “How do I dry out the marijuana that got wet when I accidentally washed in my jeans?”
Honorable Mention – Zem: “Are crop circles the work of a cereal killer?”
Honorable Mention – An8thg: “How do you stop pesky in-laws from coming over?”

Best Researched Answer

Winner – Rosencrantz: “What are some examples of Newton’s three laws of motion?”
Honorable Mention – Joncey: “How was information controlled in World War 2 in Britain?”
Honorable Mention – USCitizen: “What types of tanks did America use in World War 2?”

Best Advice Answer

Winner – SapphireMoon: “How do you avoid running out of things to say2?”
Honorable Mention – Marcy: “How do you tell a new partner about an abusive past?”
Honorable Mention – Getacar: “How do you become the best student?”

Best How-To Answer

Winner – An8thg: “How do you keep a dog from getting out of the backyard?”
Honorable Mention – TopSavings.net: “What steps do you take to set up a website?”
Honorable Mention – Mina1: “How do you cook a turkey?” (1st half of answer)

The Good Samaritan / Most Contributions

Winner – Dlmick
Honorable Mention – Brave3

The Know-It-All / Most Answers

Winner – Brave3
Honorable Mention – Dlmick

The Neat Freak / Most Category Changes

Winner – Ksmail
Honorable Mention – An8thg

Rookie of the Year / Most Contributions by a New Supervisor

Winner – An8thg
Honorable Mention – HisPowr4u

Eye for Detail / Most Questions Improved

Winner – Deb
Honorable Mention – Dlmick

The Crimestopper / Most Vandals Blocked

Winner – Ganderton
Honorable Mention – Dlmick

In You We Trust / Most Trust Points Earned

Winner – RoyR
Honorable Mention – Clay

Congratulations to ALL nominees and winners! Look for the WAmmy Hall of Fame coming soon!

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