WikiAnswers: offering tasty information, even if…

At WikiAnswers, we pride ourselves on our hundreds of categories: Cars, Computers, Collectibles… and those are just the ones that start with ‘C’. We’re especially proud of our Food & Cooking section, which is chock full of tasty tips and resplendent recipes.

Apparently, that category in particular has served up something else, which helped out the bloggers at Gateway Skepticism, a blog kept by “The St. Louis Skeptical Society, which was founded on October 11, 2007 by a handful of physics graduate students in order to promote skepticism, science, and critical thinking.”

This past Tuesday, on their search to find out, ahem, how to get better tasting semen (honestly, they’re just curious) they checked out quite a few internet research hot spots, and WikiAnswers was one of their last steps. Well, what do you know, in the Nutrition section we had just what they were looking for.

And there you have it. WikiAnswers, helping our most curious users, every step of the way…

(Whew. I hope I managed a tasteful post out of that!)

One thought on “WikiAnswers: offering tasty information, even if…”

  1. this is my favorite nostupidanswers post yet. it starts out with food, gets raunchy in the middle, and ends with a pun. honestly, what more can anybody want?


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