What rhymes with cheeks?

Special guest today! I’m pleased to present this week’s edition of WikiAnswers Wednesday, written by no other than the Rhyme Master. Ok, I don’t actually know who that is, and the rhyming is questionable at best… But who doesn’t love a good, creative answer once in a while?

What rhymes with cheeks?

“I see you have a problem with rhyming,

I certainly hope that I have replied with good timing!

I am the rhyme master,

I rhyme and eat pasta,

no one can rhyme faster!

To rhyme with ‘cheeks’

the following words

may be used on

any day of the weeks,

words like:





and beak…


So just use your ears

and the rhyme master will

call to you in the wind,

do not fear!”

Your comments are welcome!

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