Calling All WikiAnswers Contributors

There’s a little ole’ category on WikiAnswers that goes by the name of Miscellaneous. And boy, does it need to clean up its act! Or rather, would you help us clean it up? As explained in a previous post, Miscellaneous is often used as a last (and first) resort for question placement. Unfortunately, most questions that go into this area could be better categorized somewhere else. Because we now feature over 2,300 categories (and growing each day!), there are very few questions that would truly qualify as Miscellaneous.

Currently this rough and tough area features over 13,500 Q&As. Wow! If each of us could spend just 15 minutes a day moving some of these into better categories, we’d have Miscellaneous cleaned up in no time at all. Together, this outlaw doesn’t stand a chance!


Recategorizing is easy. Simply click on Miscellaneous under Browse Categories on WikiAnswers home page. Select a question from this area and choose ‘Recategorize’ which is located on the left under Question Tools. Remove the checkmark from Miscellaneous and place a checkmark in the more appropriate category or categories. Select ‘Save’ and you’re good to go. One down, only a few more to go (give or take).

When correctly categorized, questions and answers are much easier to find. And more questions have a chance of getting answered. So won’t you help us out? It’s a great way to boost your contributions and get your name on WikiAnswers Top Contributors list.

Your comments are welcome!

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