A new word for a Nou day.

AnswerTips on your websiteCheck this out: Scott of It’s a Nou Day! just posted an awesome idea.

He’s added AnswerTips to his blog and is now adding a word of the day to the bottom of his posts. If his readers want to see the meaning, they’ve got to double-click. Instead of being taken to a new page, they get a small bubble with the definition; when they are done reading, they just close it.

Everybody wins; Scott and his readers learn something new and nobody has to leave his site.

Today’s word for Scott is cantankerous. Hmm… A bit of a ‘disagreeable’ word for such a lovely idea, but we’ll take it! (Psst… double-click to find out what it means.)

And, of course, what better to title the idea but Nou Word of the Day

By the way, no.stupid.answers is AnswerTips-enabled, too, so feel free to double-click anywhere and get a pop-up definition.

Thanks Scott!

2 thoughts on “A new word for a Nou day.”

  1. I was actually wondering why that was the first word that came to my thoughts as well…I guess its just a word that people will HAVE to double click on if their curiosity gets its way! 🙂


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