How many pounds is equal to 5 kg?

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m not that good at the whole math-counting-numbers thing. So this week’s WikiAnswers Wednesday spotlight will be answered by someone a little more adept at the subject, our very own guest columnist, Jim.

How many pounds is equal to 5 kg?

Hi, I’m so glad you asked. Just the other day I was wondering the same thing myself. Well, I did some extensive research and this is why I found.

The key to answering this question is knowing what kind of product you’re talking about. 5kg of rice does not weigh the same amount as 7kg of flour or even 11kg of soy sauce. Each product has its own unique conversion formula. For example. 1kg of rice is worth four pounds of soy sauce in Indonesia and three pounds of barley in Manitoba. 1kg of potatoes will only buy you one toy car in Idaho, but if you take that same kilo to Belize you could bargain your way in to receiving a free boat and scuba excursion.

Science will try to tell you that one pound is 2.2 kg, but if you’re like me you’re skeptical of science. I go by the free market to make my decisions in life. Personally, I have 5kg of whipped cream that I would like to trade for some new whipped cream. Mine has passed the expiration date, but don’t tell anyone. I hope I can get 8 pounds of new whipped cream for my 5kg of old. Do you know anybody looking to switch?

I hope this helped you out, and if you have any other questions, WikiAnswers ain’t going nowhere.


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