Help Clean Up Miscellaneous!

The other day one of our awesome WikiAnswers Supervisors (Ganderton) posted a request for help on the forum. He – along with most of us – would very much like to see our Miscellaneous category lose some weight.


Miscellaneous is often used as a last (and first) resort for question placement. Unfortunately, most questions that go into this area could be better categorized somewhere else. Each day Miscellaneous packs on the pounds; in fact, for every 100 questions removed and recategorized, 30 more are added. Because we now feature over 2,300 categories, there are very few questions that would truly qualify as Miscellaneous.

Ganderton mentioned that his first action in the morning is to bring up new questions in Miscellaneous – with the entire page full of miscategorized questions. He does this several more times throughout the day; however, he has never found where he left off on the previous session. In his words, “It’s like bailing out the Titanic with a tea cup.” So we are asking for your help. If every Supervisor could dedicate just 15 minutes a day to moving questions out of Miscellaneous, it would certainly shape up fast.

Here are a few pointers: As a question reaches high popularity in the Unanswerable Questions to Edit category it will have various alternate wordings that can be swapped for the current version. This is an easy way to figure out what the person was most likely asking. Often the question will get answered by someone who understands gibberish and you can reword the question to reflect what the answer tells you.

(Another gigantic THANK YOU to Ganderton for helping write this post and for his dedication to WikiAnswers and the cause of the greater good. Onward and upwards!)

5 thoughts on “Help Clean Up Miscellaneous!”

  1. OMG!!! i didnt know there were that many questions in that category! ill have to go there and help out a bit when i have the time! 🙂


  2. This would reduce if some changes are made in the question box.
    1) Most questions are incomplete the box is limited to 200 characters and the .
    If there were 2 boxes one for the title and 2 for the description it would make the answer more answerable
    2)As the question can be anonymous ,the answerer has no way of contacting the asker to clarify the issues.or make corrections so ever anonymouse read should have a verified email address


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