Share the Fun of WikiAnswers!

inboxDid you know that you can quickly send any question – answered or unanswered – to your friends, family or business associates?  This is a great way to share the fun of WikiAnswers, spread a little knowledge and even generate some help answering those tricky questions.

Have a budding comic in the family?  Consider sending them something from our Humor and Amusement Corner.  Imagine their laughter when the question “When sign makers go on strike is anything written on their signs?” arrives in their in-box.  Or maybe your boss is really hooked on football.  Score some points by e-mailing him an interesting tidbit from the ever-growing Football History category. Simply choose a question and click the ‘Send to a Friend’ link located on the left under Question Tools.  Fill in the required fields and click ‘Send’.  It’s that easy… you can even customize your message.

Have fun and enjoy the site!

Your comments are welcome!

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