Dapper makes the widgets go ’round.

On the Answers.com Widget Gallery, which you have undoubtedly visited and used at least 742512346062 times by now, you may have noticed that we used RSS to build the various widgets.Dapper

And that’s where Dapper, “The Data Mapper,” came in and swept us off our feet. Dapper “aims to make it easy and possible for anyone to extract and reuse content from any website.”

Essentially, you can take content from anywhere on the web and create your own RSS feeds, flash widgets, Facebook applications, and more, using Dapper’s step-by-step process.

We worked closely with the Dapper folks as we developed our own widgets, and by ‘worked closely,’ I mean bugged them with questions and showered them with compliments.

So, thanks Dapper guys, for “feeding us” our menu of Facebook apps and Blogger, Vox and HTML widgets!

Buddhism Facebook app from WikiAnswers

Hey, it’s WikiAnswers on Facebook!

P.S.: Get a Dapper-inspired Facebook app of no.stupid.answers and read us from your profile.

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