Presenting: the Widget Gallery

Widget Gallery

Ahem! Announcement! Attention, please!

Now you can proudly display your favorite questions and answers by topic on your blog, website, desktop, Facebook, personal homepage and more.

Generate your own and WikiAnswers widgets to embed in your favorite platforms with the brand new Widget Gallery.

Personalize your widgets to display:

Word of the Day | Wine Word of the Day | Today in History | Technology Q&A | Environment Q&A | Health Q&A | Law Q&A | Sports Q&A | Travel Q&A… and more.

Are you a tech blogger? Display updated technology Q&A on your blog’s sidebar. Sports fans can get the latest sports questions delivered straight to their personal homepage. The nutrition-conscious can feed their Facebook with healthy-diet Q&A.

Widgets can be customized to appear on:

Blogger | WordPress | Facebook | iGoogle | Netvibes | Yahoo | Apple Dashboard | Vista | RSS | Windows Live… and more.

See the full Widget Gallery.

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