Get Personal on WikiAnswers

einsteinEver wonder who that mysterious JoeSchmoe was that brilliantly answered your question, “What is the structure of hex-1-yn-4?” (For the love of Pete, why do you need to know this?!) Just who was this modern-day Einstein in disguise? You clicked on his Bio Page, but alas, nothing. Not even a mention of how he got so darn smart. This is precisely why you should take advantage of your Bio area on WikiAnswers. Use it to tell others about yourself. You’re also welcome to promote a business or organization here, whether a link to your home page, the pasting of your logo, etc. And as one of the fastest growing sites on the Web, you should get some great exposure!

When logged-in you will see a link to My Bio Page in the left toolbox. You can add information to your page simply by clicking the “add or edit text below” link on the Bio Page itself. Your User Name is automatically linked to your Bio Page. This means that each time you make a contribution – every answer or edit – your Bio Page gets linked from multiple places (question pages, top contributor lists and so on).

Rock on!

Your comments are welcome!

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