Cleaning Up After A Vandal Strikes WikiAnswers

At one time or another, we’ve all caught a vandal on WikiAnswers – you know the guy that stops by to post “Up yours” as the answer to 50 or so questions. Unlike other contributors who make honest mistakes, these types are usually not candidates for ‘reform’ and unfortunately need to be blocked in order to stop their wake of destruction.

But once gone, what do you do about the mess they left behind? They’ve destroyed perfectly good answers and caused many previously unanswered questions to be removed from the list. Each and every one is now screaming, “Up yours.” To quickly clean-up the nonsense, select one of the vandalized questions and utilize the Revert tool located on the blue menu bar. Reversion enables us to undo the damage done by a vandal without editing line-by-line.

Typically you should only revert back to the last version (highest numbered on the list). If you’re uncertain, click to view a side-by-side comparison between the one you have selected and the current version. The answer on the left that appears in yellow under “Reversion as of X” will be what you end up with after a reversion. Follow these steps for each vandalized question.

Oh… Coming soon… the Vandal Zapper! Guaranteed to stop goofballs in their tracks! (Not really, but a girl can dream…)

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