Why are Kuwaiti dinars the highest valued currency?

Today I’d like to introduce you to our special WikiAnswers Wednesday guest blogger: Jim.

Jim will be taking care of today’s Money and Credit question. Give it up for Jim, everybody:

Why are Kuwaiti dinars the highest valued currency?

The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest valued currency for three both important yet different reasons.

1. In 1679 the war between Latvia and France waged on into it’s 43rd year. People from all over the globe were placing bets on who would win, how long the war would last, and on how awful Latvian food could become given time to truly develop as a country. The result of this drove up speculation in the Yen market causing essentially the process of reverse osmosis to occur in Kuwait.

2. Green beans are really tasty if cooked correctly. I suggest sauteing with white wine, a little soy sauce and some tomatoes. delicious. The Kuwaitis do this well.

3. Have you ever seen Zoolander. If you have than all I have to say is “snap!” . The snap Zoolander sensation also helps explain Kuwait’s teenage pregnancy epidemic.

I hope this helps.


5 thoughts on “Why are Kuwaiti dinars the highest valued currency?”

  1. Aw well… Sorry guys. Jim’s got a permanent case of the sarcasms. Some people find it funny, some don’t. I don’t think he has anything against Kuwait itself, either. You can probably stick any ole country in there. Or planet. Whatever.


  2. I agree with the previous comment. You’re attempt at humour was clearly a failure. Dear Jim.. I sure hope you’re not a comedian.
    And FYI as a kuwaiti girl myself i do not appreciate you’re pathetic shot at comedy. And you’re likely to be either american or european and don’t get me wrong I am no way insulting either but i guarantee you the teenage pregnancy rate where you live is almost 4 times the teenage pregnancy rate in Kuwait.
    Maybe you should actually learn a thing or two about the world before you make a complete ass out of yourself on the world wide web.
    Currently the Kuwaiti Dinar has the highest valued currency not only because of the oil kuwait possesses and the rate at which it is sold to other countries receiving high revenue but also because the Kuwaiti Dinar is supported by gold reserves internationally. Kuwait is a very rich and highly industrialised country with GDP of about US$ 88.7 billion making it ONE OF the richest countries in the world.

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  3. Was this intended to be an example of vandalism or senseless humor? Maybe I am completely missing the point.

    How about actually explaining how the highest valued currency unit is determined and how that relates to the dinar? I seriously doubt it has anything to do with green beans or Zoolander.

    Attempt at humor – FAILED!


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