My all-time favorite Christmas questions.

For years, as I watch the Christmas specials on TV and sing along to the carols on the radio, I’ve pondered and wondered about certain things the holiday season brings. Since today is the culmination of that intense questioning, I have compiled a list of my most burning queries hoping that someone – if not Santa himself – will present me with answers:

Merry holidays, WikiAnswerers!

apples in porks mouths

(I’m not suggesting we’re pigs or anything…)

6 thoughts on “My all-time favorite Christmas questions.”

  1. Christianity was not started by Christ and as soon he died- politicizing starts. This feel of POWER is also seen in many letters of saints depicted in Holy Bible [ New Testament ] but after way of Christ was adopted by Constantine- it become a religion.

    Now when it becomes a religion- branches starts because of not ideology difference but power to control which was a big factor. These very branches starts SANTA and other things like 25th Dec. as possible date of B’ day of Christ.

    Infact- Christ never wanted to start a religion- had he been interested in making a church…he would have planned it accordingly. He new very well that even St. PAUL will decline him-who was so dear to him then and he himself was going to be captured and killed [ He knew that ]


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