CEO on the Sherif Show!

Sherif Hedayat, a comedian from Dayton, Ohio, came out halfway across the world to visit the head honcho at Answers Corp and get an interview.

Ok, maybe he didn’t venture here just to meet with Bob Rosenschein… But Sherif did make Bob the centerpiece in his sixth webisode of The Sherif Show. Check it out:

Hey, it was a tough question, alright? We just provide the answers, we don’t make ’em up… well, most of the time.

2 thoughts on “ CEO on the Sherif Show!”

  1. the persons that are making the web site of well were not asking stupid questions. I have tried to look for an answer in that web-site you persons are going to have to fics it cause I have been triyng to find the answer but I cant find it OK!!!


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