Garbage In, Garbage Out

I’m often asked by new Supervisors, “What types of questions should I trash?” As a rule of thumb, we try not to delete too much from WikiAnswers. It’s always better to move, edit and salvage questions. Deleting disrupts our database history, preserved search engine results and pages that folks have bookmarked.

But there are times when the garbage needs to be brought out. Here are the guidelines for using the Trash feature:

* Questions of a sexual nature should be rephrased to adhere to our Stylebook rules with proper ‘anatomy’ terms used. Any sexually graphic or explicit questions should be trashed.

* Questions that ask about how to perform an illegal activity (such as hacking into a computer network or stealing a car) should automatically be tossed in the trash can next to the smelly empty tuna cans and green, three-week old bread.

* Questions that ask for or reference personal information (such as cell phone numbers or street addresses) need to go to the round file.

* Questions that are otherwise dangerous, or asked to provoke, titillate or advertise are also candidates for being obliterated.

To send a question on its way out the door, simply select ‘Trash’ from the menu on the left. Remember, on WikiAnswers we go against the grain… When in doubt, don’t throw out!

Your comments are welcome!

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