To Sign or Not to Sign?

Supervisors and everyday contributors frequently ask, “What’s the deal on signing answers?”  As you know, WikiAnswers is a Q&A community (and a darn good one!), where answers are grown collaboratively.  Unlike other Q&A sites (no names mentioned), we are based on the ‘wiki’ concept, which means that anyone from anywhere has the ability to edit and modify existing posts.  There is no ‘ownership’ of answers (unless the question is asking for opinions), so signing answers is indeed discouraged. 

What we are aiming for is one really great answer for each question (where possible and feasible) that is collaboratively created by the community over time.  And ideally, we want one answer with a neutral point of view. Bottom line…feel free to delete any personal comments, notes, contact info and what not from answers – including any references to “Hope this helps!” 

Hope this helps!  😉

 Example Wrong:


 Example Right:


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