Interview with the Top Guru.

Top Guru (and CEO) at Answers Corp, Bob Rosenschein, was featured in the “CEO Views” column at yesterday. His post was about his vision of the “ultimate Answers Engine,” combining the powers of, the world’s greatest encyclodictionalmanacapedia, and WikiAnswers, Q&A the Wiki way.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The world of information has evolved from telephones to radios to televisions to the internet… Information has never been more available or expansive. But we find ourselves wading through facts and figures and volumes of webpages overloaded with content… It can be overwhelming, and search engines have certainly come to the rescue for narrowing the web. But if we want to narrow it further – enough to get that one answer we’re seeking in any given search – then hasn’t the time come for an answer machine?

Our goal at Answers Corp is build the web’s ultimate answer engine. The typical search engine is great for getting back thousands of results for deep search. When you want fast info and quick answers to questions, wouldn’t it serve you better to visit an answer engine? That’s what we are building with our two main products, and WikiAnswers. Both sites are designed to give you straightforward content, packed with information from either reference sources or the wider human Q&A community.”

Sounds great, Bob… Read the full blog post. And don’t forget to vote for in AltSearchEngine’s Search Engine of the Year contest…

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