My very first Mobile Answers night out…

It’s a scenario we all find ourselves in: Night out at the bar and a song comes on and you can’t remember who sings it and it absolutely kills you until you figure it out…

A bunch of us Answers.commies (or is that WikiAnswerers?) were out at a bar tonight, where an amateur band was performing the song “Save Tonight”. One of the group turned to us comrades and asked who sings it. One reply was “Barenaked Ladies.” Another suggested, “that black guy who is looking everywhere in the video,” which led me to mention Lenny Kravitz, which got me shot down pretty quickly.

Anyway, someone had one of thems fancy mobile telephones and for the first time ever, I got to use Mobile Answers in a real live situation – the kind of anecdote marketing employees dream of. A friend typed in the address and I typed “Save Tonight” and there it was: Eagle-Eye Cherry!

Another Mobile Answers success story. Now there’s the stuff marketing dreams are made of.

(Have you got any Mobile Answers stories to share?)

Your comments are welcome!

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