What in the WYSIWYG?

By now, you’ve probably heard the term WYSIWYG while venturing through the WikiAnswers community. Just saying it…WYSIWYG (pronounced wiz-ee-wig)…tickles the upper lip. Funny little thing, isn’t it?

Some people (we won’t mention any names) still think that this is some type of newly fangled dance craze, while others are convinced that it is the ultimate in synthetic hair (WYG?). Not so. WYSIWYG is actually short for What You See Is What You Get. It is similar to a word processor (with a ton of various quirks), in that what you see as you are editing is what will appear in the final product. No HTML or wiki markup language is required.


The WYSIWYG Editor is available on WikiAnswers bio pages and also when you are posting or editing answers. So, have fun and go crazy (but not too crazy or we’ll block you). 😉

Your comments are welcome!

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