Interview with a Writing Challenge winner.

The winners of the latest Creative Writing Challenge have been announced and nailed to the Hall of Fame. Give some respect: these people took ten completely unrelated (and I daresay, bizarre) words and strung them together to create winning short stories.

At LarsenIdeaLog, an interview was conducted with the 1st place winner who is also Larsen‘s senior writer: John Andreini. Here’s an excerpt:

Q: Your story had to include these 10 words: fifth-column, gazpacho, agog, horripilation, simian, fug, opus, salad days, abscond, Kew Gardens. I have to ask: Did you already know the meaning of all these words?

A: I knew the meaning of some of the words, but others, like Kew Gardens and horripilation, sent me to the dictionary.

Q: Talk to us about your main character Brock Holberman, private investigator, salted nut roll binger. Is he at all autobiographical?

A: Wow, I hope not. Brock is an amalgam of Film Noir detectives like Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe and Jake Gittes, although Brock would be the least intelligent of the group. I do like gazpacho, though.

(read the rest of the interview)

One thought on “Interview with a Writing Challenge winner.”

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing the interview with John Andreini, 1st place winner in the Creative Writing Challenge. All of us at Larsen are just so darn proud of John. He makes it look easy.


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